Sunday, February 6, 2011

Secret Weapon Seminar in San Jose!

Saturday morning found us on the road to San Jose to attend The Secret Weapon Miniatures Vehicle Weathering Masterclass Seminar at Game Kastle.

The class was free, and well attended. Game Kastle hid us away in a nice, private room.

10am-4pm sounded like a long day, but the time flew bye, and was over before I knew it.

Justin did a great job covering some techniques that I felt like I could actually do, and might even try to work into my model building.

Justin demonstrates, as onlookers soak it in.

We all took shots for our records/blogs

It was great to finally meet Justing in person after all this time, and also some of the localish folks from the San Jose area.

The seminar was over before I knew it. I think we all picked up some good pointers, had some laughs and then we all cruised the isles of the store for goodies before heading back home.

Don't forget!!!
Monday Morning we will start a 10 day-one post per day- series with our choices for the Best 10 Models of All Time! We both picked out top ten, keeping the end results secret from each other until we finalized our list...the results are intriguing to say the least. So Check it out starting this monday:

The Santa Cruz Warhammer Top Ten Models of All Time!


  1. Thanks for posting some pics. I had a great time!

  2. That would have been cool to be there.
    Sounds like a good time for sure.

  3. That event was a blast. I had to pick up a few pigments, and on the way home stopped at Michael's for some oil paint and pencils. I think my old chaos army is going to become a lot more weathered as a practice some of these techniques.