Monday, February 21, 2011

The Tuesday Top Ten must survive! Let's do it here at SCWH

With the demise of From the Warp, there is a risk of losing the Tuesday Top Ten as well. I asked Ron if we could host it here at Santa Cruz Warhammer and of course Ron would love that. BUT John and I do not have the time to do it, busy as we are with life and not wanting to end up giving up on the blog all together.

we are asking for a NEW WRITER for Santa Cruz Warhammer who will build the Tuesday Top Ten for all the blog readers. It's a big job and takes a lot of reading. It also needs a critical mind with a positive attitude. But in the end it honors bloggers all over the world for their hard work and dedication and that must feel good....

If you think you are the one, drop us a line at

I hope someone will find the time to keep the FTW tradition going.



  1. This is interesting. Old School Terminator has already posted a Top Ten today, and now I see you gentlemen staking a claim as well. I wouldnt be surprised if there were one or two others I dont know about as well.

    As the "original pen" for the Tuesday Top Ten, I have a mighty interest in seeing it doesnt die, and have taken my own steps to ensure its survival.

    I dont think my steps would preclude anyone else from running their own Top Ten list, as I have always said competition breeds better end products.

    I look forward to your upcoming list, and hope you will enjoy where I am going with mine. :)

  2. I think its great that someone is filling the void. I think though the top ten would need to have a blog roll active where its posted so people can see the top ten but also browse other blogs.

    FTW had the mix right, its a real shame its not continuing

  3. I like Ryan's idea of including a BLog Roll with the Top Ten.

    The Top Ten was one of my favorite features Ron had on FTW, and I would love to see it continue.

    Mike, I sent you an email. I'd like to help do this, if for nothing else to repay Ron for all the amazement I got form his site.

  4. I have something like a top ten at my blog:

    I don't think I'll volunteer though. Considering every once in awhile I forget

  5. I think Ryan did a great job on the Top Ten for a long time. Whether he posts one on his own blog or he posts one on someone else's, I'll likely make his my priority. Maybe there is a compromise to be made, and a different blog hosts it every other week? That would take the every week pressure off any one person.

  6. I have to say, we might end up with multiple 'Tuesday Top Ten' lists, with so many people trying to fill the void. I would be more than happy to take the job, but I have school to take care of.

  7. well, this I hadn't expected. I thought Ryan had retired from it and wasn't aware of any others doing it. I am fantasizing about creating a massive blogroll on SCWH that goes the whole length of the blog, since we have 10 posts up at all times anyway. It has always frustrated me that once you post, your blog is gone in 10 minutes with the short blogrolls.
    Will get back to you. We definitely don't want to hurt anyones feelings, and yes, Ryan is the forefather. Maybe he should do it here and we create the massive blogroll? We get about 30.000 -35.000 pageviews a month, so I feel we have a good foundation.

  8. Hehe, I did retire, but Ive been keeping my eye on things. Once I saw that Ron was wandering off, I decided Id better toss my hat back in the ring.

    And you know what? Even though the one I did last night was a last minute quicky, it felt like coming home.

  9. Tuesday top tens! I can dig it. It would be really neat to build digg like features into the blog roll, so viewers voted blogs to the front-page. It would also be neat to collect posts about a particular topic. A Tuesday Top Ten about Death Korps of Krieg, or Painting titans, kind of thing.

    I have been thinking about blog rolls as well, since I used FTW as my jumping off point for blogs not on my favorites bar. (which of course SCW is after the Storm Wardens experience.

  10. Drath, I am in the same boat, I also went to FTW to skim through blogs I didn't follow, I added some of the ones I do follow to our side bar, and I think I will expand it in time, also the FTW rolls are still working as far as I can tell and should for ever.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer