Thursday, February 3, 2011

War Room / Man Cave Help Needed

Who would have thought my Warhammer hording / messiness would have paid off?

Our long time house mate has moved out.

The Girlfriend/common law wife has gotten a huge promotion.

In her infinite wisdom, she has decided we don't need a replacement house mate and that we should go on without and use the extra room ourselves.

"What will we use the room for?" I asked. " We should put all of your Warhammer and army stuff in there."

I almost fell over. She is a genius.

15 x 19 feet, double bath with shower, huge closet, 2 sunny windows, hard wood floors 10 foot ceilings= private battle bunker, man cave war room, Honeycomb Hideout.

our cat activates stealth field generator as she moves into assault range.

Now I just need to figure out all the cool stuff that I need to have in there, and I need your help.

Things I have;
-shelves for books.

-desk/Drafting table ( hit the link for the full story) looked like this once,
now... more like this (all part of my plan)

-Gaming table this folds up and rolls away, but I need to have room to deploy it to play.

-2x Ikea display cases

Things I need;
-gun rack
-a better chair

I invite you to live vicariously through me.

What is your dream workspace/game room must have list?

I really could use some help, and while I would love to go ridiculously big, lets try to keep it realistic.



  1. Well, you said it has a bath, so a sink next to the painting table won't be needed. A larger table or more tables might be nice, along with a few display cases/storage cabinets. I also envision a personal use computer there, loaded with army lists and the like. That should do it.

  2. As I am mainly a comic person first and wargamer second I'd always recommend a couch of some sort so you can sit back and read and also a TV set up can't go wrong as well....

  3. You have most of the biggies, I would also suggest some form of storage for scenery and terrain so you can pack it away in the closet when not using it.

    Also you just need lots of cool posters, pictures, art, etc. for inspiration. I still love my Space Sharks Razorback piece I got for my birthday. When I have more space all the old posters you get from WD and such are coming out!

  4. With ten foot ceilings you could build a loft over the entrance door/bathroom end of the room. A five foot wide loft area could give you an amazing amount of extra storage or with a futon mattress, a guest bed.

  5. Awesome, congrats!

    Never enough shelf/table space. Storage for terrain, places to keep armies, places for buddies to unpack armies, put drinks/snacks, etc.

    Extra chairs for other gamers.

    Trash can.

  6. That's cool. Jealous doesn't begin to describe my feelings.

    You should add a Geek Chic Sultan gaming table.

    Ok now seriously. I have a couple of those IKEA cases. They are great. The only thing I would consider adding is shelves on the top of the walls around the room. I have seen some great gaming areas use shelves like that to store terrain and large projects where is is visible and easy to get to.

  7. authentic posters.. like Eldar chick pinups from White Dwarf or anti xeno propaganda from the old Nid codex.

  8. MascisMan- I don't drink beer, and the kitchen is not far out the door, also the buzz of the fridge would drive me nuts if I was painting.

    H.C.- I think more table is good, i need a work bench area for resin casting and working on terrain. I have been looking for an excuse to buy a laptop.

    Shaper- I thought of a small couch near the book shelves as a sort of library area.

    Tristan- most of the Terrain I have is in big tubs that stack, there are rails in the closet for shelves. I have lots of posters I have been saving up.

    ColKillgore- I think a loft might be too much, we have a foldout it the living room for guests, and some more storage areas for big stuff, but a shallower high shelf area might be a good thing.

    sonsoftaurus- I think the workbench , with shelves under it will cover some of that and I will need chairs, I have some folders, which might work in the closet, and yes a trashcan for sure, under the work desk.

    michael- the table would be awesome, but I have to stick with the one I have as the wife likes to play table tennis, the high shelves are in the plan.

    Also an airbrush station on the work bench, and a light box area, maybe the same spot?

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  9. Authentic posters, like IG propaganda, and a wall sticker of whatever army you play. Also, a trapdoor leading down to the Mountain Dew dungeon area, An Xbox, a TV and a couch. And possibly knock down a couple of the walls. For the space. And you need a Bolter/Lasgunn rack. And a bolter/lasgun.

    But I digress.

    I think you should deck it out with authentic posters and stuff, and some sort of music/entertainment device.

  10. Your partner/significant other truely is a genius. You are a very lucky man.

    Art for the walls is a must and storage storage storage.

  11. You lucky man! Congratulations!

    I made a thread in WS about work stations, maybe you can catch also some ideas there, as I did this summer to construct my own desktop and hobby racks ;D

    Good luck!

  12. You have all the required things for a man cave!

    I'd consider:
    1. Plants for oxygen
    2. A nice thick rug or bamboo padding to place on the floor (standing in front of a 40k game is exhausting on the feet...especially on hardwood floors).
    3. Definitely invest in a great chair. I always cheap out on them and recently my wife bought me a nice one and my life has changed. For the better.
    4. Dunno if music distracts, but get some tunes in there!
    5. For the walls, recommend some cork for pushpin notes. Or a whiteboard. Nifty way to track campaigns and battles.

    Happy day for you SC John! Every hobbyist could use a war room...congrats on getting yours! (and get the wife something nice!).

  13. I'm so envious of you. I have a man cave myself, but not nearly as spacious.

  14. Count me as one of the jealous ones LOL. I am banished to the garage for my gaming area that I share with outdoor equipment and our other storage crap :(

    I am happy for you though so keep us up to date on what all you are doing with it!

  15. For guest seating I would avoid folding chairs, they really sit too low. Get some stools. 4 should do and you can stack them in the corner. They are not quite as compact as folding chairs but much better gamewise. Otherwise really plan out your workspace. Rethink how to store your paints, your basing materials, bits, brushes etc so they are all easily accessible AND visible while leaving a lot of room on the table. You need all those projects you have not finished out on the table :)