Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The next two months: what's to come on this blog

Ha, the next two months sounds like a dream, I will probably more like a year. Anyway, I finished up an extremely productive weekend and I am very excited about a few things, including a modeling scoop! Before I start that all out I wanted to show all of you the projects I have going and will keep me busy for quite some time. I am a very slow modeler. OK, here we go:

Bishkek 2nd. This army is almost finished! After two years of hard labor I am getting close to finalizing this army, but the last bit is really hard for me. I am working on ten stormtroopers. 6 are table top ready, 4 still needs lots of work:

Since the Bishkek 2nd is a desert themed army, I have always been on the lookout for a complete squad of Tallarn fighters with the notoriously hard to find missile launcher. After many Barter Bucket trades, fleamarket and the odd sale I have them together, including the OOP luitenant. I am very excited to paint up these guys, love the old metal guardsmen.

More 40K: Spacewolves! I am still working on my Terminator only army for Space wolves. After finishing the first 5 termies I built a sixt one with custom combi melta and a drop pod, which for me is a HUGE painting job. I want to make it just right, since it will be one of two vehicles, the other one being a land raider which I am still looking for on the barter bucket..

Onto my Hordes of Vormond. With our local Fantasy Escalation league, I am required to paint up 200 points a month. Here are my first troop of 15 skeleton warriors on custom sculpted bases with there movement tray. The movement tray has a new feature that I thought up over the weekend and have never seen anywhere else...it might be a world's first..but only for sad people like me who care. More about that in a couple of days..here are the boys and girls.

I also built another squad of 15 skeletons with spears, which will be for the invitational in two months, trying to work ahead..

Through the wonderful Barter Bucket, Tristan from GW Pertinent was so kind to gift me these OOP chaos hounds, which I find more interesting a Vampire Count Dire Wolves then the actual current model. He and I are going to do a little side by side modeling project on how to tackle these things. Tristan added the static grass to make them seem hairy. I thought that was interesting but I haven't had inspiration on what to do with them. It's coming though!

This is the model I dreamed about sending to Chicago for the Golden Demon, but sadly, he has been ignored and almost forgotten. With the escalation league I started to think about him again....he has been like this for 6 or 7 months already.

And lastly a model that John gave me once: 6 mm Napoleonic figure. I WILL paint this guy!

that's it for now! Stay tuned for the movement tray (drumroll) invention



  1. There is an old WD article where the guy used static grass on the hounds and sprayed them black to start. I went with white. I will dig up those pics soon.

  2. GW still sells the Tallarn officer and the missile launcher team in the 'collectors' section of the website:

    (If you're already aware of this and just don't want to pay GW retail, then my apologies for the redundancy)