Thursday, March 3, 2011

Support other bloggers: grab this link from us!

With the start of the Santa Cruz Honor Roll I realized again that what I find really important about our blogging community: to give honors when they are due. Although modeling is mostly a personal journey, the blog is a tool to share projects, thoughts, techniques and mostly ideas. I have been really enjoying our new blogroll and have been reading stuff I would have never seen. Now, with the Honor Roll we get to put 10 or 12 people in a bit of extra sunshine and that makes it easier for all of us to find those jewels in a large, large cloud of blogs.

So we would like to invite you to grab the image above and the link below and throw it on your blog. That way your readers will quickly get access to some of the best posts of the week.

In the end John and I want the blogging community to support each other where ever and when ever we can. With the closure of FTW we all need to help to fill that gap and I am glad to see that a lot more people have been active in (blogging) community activity. Thanks to Robert and Mik with their Honor Roll and Barter Bucket we can do our share, maybe you can help us do better.

Oh, and check out the 2nd Honor Roll tomorrow: it's all about green stuff!