Monday, March 21, 2011

Zombies? What to do?

For my Hordes of Hormond I needed a good size squad of zombies, since the Vampire Counts can raise those troops from the ground and its fun to do. But the zombies from GW are not attractive to me, they look like old sculpts and are not very fluid or realistic.
I looked around for better models and found a great set of Mantic Zombies, 30 to a box. The sculpting is nice and detailed and the models can be positioned in many different ways. Mostly I felt that the heads were in line with the detailed sculpts of the modern day GW skeletons and ghouls.

Here's a link to the ones I got.

Let me know what you all think



  1. I love Mantics minis although I am not too fond of the dwarfs, but the rest are outstanding!

  2. I would say same as Meatball, but replacing dwarves with elves. They are just to small. All their other miniatures look cool, specially the undead!

    Will be looking forward to see those 30 painted and based ;D

  3. You know Zombie plumbers like Draaaaines??