Friday, April 8, 2011

SCWH Honor Roll #7 - Conversions

Welcome to the SCWH Honor Roll!  This week, I'm bringing you the best conversions I've seen out in the blogs recently.  In no particular order, this weeks amazement is:

Miniature Wargaming Conversion's Possessed Nurgle Dreadnought
Black Dot Barrel's Custom Astorath the Grim
Save vs. Blog's Guide to Magnetizing the Dreadknight
Kellz1234's Customized Death Guard
3T Studio's DIY Razorwire
Dark Workshop's Space Marine Captain
A Year of Frugal Gaming's Cygnar Proxies
White Metal Games's Tyranid/Alien Queen

Mike and John's additions for this weeks Honor roll are:

Mike: I have really been loving Simon's blog. Check it out, put it on your blogroll. He is German.

John: I like 6. Panzerdivision Baran's simple heavy bolter/stubber conversion.

You might have seen this recently, but if not, there's an charity event similar to last year's Storm Wardens Project benefiting the Doctors Without Borders organization.  Head over to Heroes of Armageddon to get the full scoop on the armies being created and for details on the armies.  I can't express how excited I am to see this coming up.

Also, The Fallen Prince's First 'Badab Veterans' Competition.  The contest ends on April 15th, so there's only ONE WEEK left. If you are interested, check out the link for the full rules and details.

And AGAIN: if you care about your fellow bloggers and their work, please link the Honor Roll on your blog. Grab the jpg from this post and use this link underneath:

It would be really appreciated!

Next week our topic is going to be painting, and looking at the Crystal Brush entries and all the amazing work out there, I think I'll have my work cut out for me.  However, if you see something great out on the web and want to make sure I don't miss it, feel free to send it to robert [dot] biddle [at] gmail [dot] com.



  1. Thank you very much for including me on your list again :D. Its really cool because i also did the first dread conversion for Kellez1234 ;P Dakka actually removed kellez thread when he mentioned the dread coming from me. Go figure ;)

  2. Thanks for keeping up on the honor roll - it's always chock full of great inspirational work, as well as bringing to light blogs that I may have otherwise never seen. Several new ones added to my own 'much check' lists off today's honor roll - great work by all involved!

  3. MWC: That's one awesome Dread you did for Kellez. I'm waiting to see how his army ends up once painted.

    Mordian: Thanks! Knowing people are geeting a benefit form this helps alot :)