Monday, June 6, 2011

Finished - Kit Bashed Armageddon Ork Hunters Squad

My first finished contribution to the Heroes of Armageddon Project is this squad of Armageddon Ork Hunters.

When I asked to be included in Dave Taylor's Steel Legion army build team, I figured I would be doing some Steel Legion troops, and was a bit surprised when he asked me to take on a Veteran Squad with an Ork Hunters theme. I read the list and liked the hard hitting load out but honestly was not too exited about the Ork hunters as I always considered them Catachan based, and I just have no love for the outdated Catachan Rambo ish models.

I was not about to let Dave, the other guys in the team and the future winner down, so I did some research, and decided to consider this a challenge to build some cool models that I could be happy with.

Ork Hunter fluff revealed that not all of them are Catachan, they are a mix of specialists from all over. I liked that idea, and thought of desperate guardsmen mixed with hive gangers. I had an idea of what to go for now, and was exited to get to work.

A bit if bits diving was in order. I have tons of Catachan bits, but really hate the giant buffed arms, so I grabbed some legs, and went digging for unique heads. I also bought the Catachan command box, as the newer sculpts have a bit more realistic and toned down bits, and some of the weapons and details I needed.

I also went after some Space Marine Scout shotguns, I could have went with some aftermarket bits, but wanted to keep everything 100% GW, and the shotguns have a very distinctive GW style for WYSIWYG. 

I wanted to have some ork goodies as trophies, but all the ork stuff was way out of scale, I ended up using some fantasy Marauder bits as they were in scale and not ridiculous looking.

This squad should be a real monster against Orks, with 3 flame templates, a heavy bolter, and shotguns, all of which can assault after shooting ( if there is anything left to assault ) and will also have a Valkyrie transport.

I toyed with the idea of gas masks, but figured they would be in the Valkyrie, and that as they have seen so much action in the jungles of Armageddon, they would now be used to the bad air, or just too tough to care.

All these models are on bases donated by Dragon Forge.

First, the Sargent is Harker himself with Payback, not much done here, just an added "Ork" shoulder pad to fit him in a bit, he didn't even get a tattoo.

Next up is "Chief" with warpaint, shotgun, Ork axe and skull, pack and tattoo

The pointer has a pack, shotgun, tattoo, ork shoulder pad and skull.

the first flamer guy has an Ork lower armored jaw as a shoulder pad, guitar string hose, and tattoo

Fritz has a shotgun, pack, ork shoulder pad, tattoo, and a hunting horn

Airborne wears his beret (to show his air assault status) and has a shotgun, tattoo, and Ork hide cloak.

This tracker has an Ork shoulder pad, shotgun, tattoo, and scalping blade

The heavy flamer gunner has an Ork skull and helmet, guitar string hose, tattoo and Goliath hive gang mohawk 

Vasquez is the 3rd flamer gunner, and has a guitar string hose and Ork hide cloak

Kahn has a shotgun with Ork scalps and shoulder pad

That completes the group, I hope you like them as much as I do, happy to answer any questions and interested in your comments, and remember to get your donation in, to have a chance to win one of these great prizes.



  1. They look great. I especially like Khan's mustache.

  2. It's hard to see, but it's connected to his sideburns, it's a fantasy Marauder horseman head I removed the braided beard from his chin.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. A really nice squad full of character. Every mini tells its own story.

  4. a very characterful squad, great job John!

  5. Those, Sir, are made of awesome.
    Thats all.