Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Heroes of Armageddon Prize: 10 awesome Troll Forged Minis

A while back I was browing Table Top Fix, when my eye fell on these minis:
 Troll Forged is a community of amateur sculptors who all post their work on their own forum. Readers can comment on the sculpts, after which the best ones get molded and cast. They are put up for sale on their store and each sale gives the sculptor a commission, which never ends. In this way sculptors can keep reinvesting time and money to get better and keep at it. The brain behind this group is Ed Fortae, who is the sole caster. I thought it was all too good to be true and I sent him an email, requesting some of those Chemsoldiers, which would make great IG troopers. took about an hour before Ed emailed me back and said, YES of course I will give some models for the cause and he sent me 10 Chemsoldiers which we are now giving away for Heroes of Armageddon!

To support Ed and his friends visit Troll Forged Miniatures and check it out, it's REALLY interesting stuff.
This Sunday we will draw ONE lucky winner. You all know the drill: donate with Paypal and support a GOOD cause!


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