Sunday, June 5, 2011

Death Company Storm Raven, Part 3: basing and more progress

 I made quite a bit of progress on the Death Company Storm Raven that I am painting up for the Heroes of Armageddon. It's slow going by most people's standards, but if I can get something painted once in a while, I am pretty stoked.  Here's the progress report:
First the base. Mr. Justin from Secret Weapon Miniatures donated a Desert Base to me, which looked very nice, but a bit simple for such an important model. I went two directions at once. I wanted to use the flyer stand from Dragon Forge Designs and Jeff promptly sent me one, free of charge. I then drilled a round hole in the base and created an old oil refinery type scene, building something around the hole as well for sturdier standing. Here is that base, most of the piping is from Robogear's oil refinery set. Ancient stuff, but very useful.
Here's the plane standing up:
I am really disgruntled with the flyer stand from GW and am very happy with the Dragon Forge one. It also comes with a round attachment that you glue to the bottom of your model. If you buy the whole set from Dragon Forge, incl the base, it come predrilled. I also used this set on the Bishkek 2nd Valkyrie.

Then onto the Death Company striping:

I also spent some time on the cockpit and pilots AND I got the guns done. There is still a TON of work and don't expect it to be done for at least another two weeks...



  1. It's looking really good. How did you drill the base? Did you just get a big drill bit from a DIY store? Did you use an electric drill gun or did you do it manually?

  2. I used a dremel tool with a really pointy sanding tool. After the hole was made, I used wider bits to make the hole the right size.

  3. Can you tell me how you mounted the bracket from the stand to the bottom of the StormRaven?

    I am trying to use a similar piece, from Secret Weapon Miniatures, and I am having issues using it at the place where the GW stand is designed to go.

    It looks like the design is really similar to the DF one, so any tips would be a great help! Thanks!