Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mike is looking for Tau!

I have a b up my b after browsing the Tau Codex and decided is time spend some time on putting together a tiny Tau Force. I was wondering if anyone had unpainted or unbuilt tau laying around, for trade or otherwise. Let me know. Love the characters, love the Kroot, love kinda all of it. Let me know in the comment or drop me a line at
(EDITED) santaruzwarhammer at gmail dot com

much obliged!



  1. That should be:
    santacruzwarhammer at gmail dot com

    (forgot the "c" in cruz!)

    I'll hit up my friend in AZ...I sold him all of my Tau about a year ago...I'll see if he's still playing. If not, maybe I can get it back from him.


  2. I have around 20 warriors 2 devil fish 10 kroot 2 hammerheads and 6 suits, all painted poorly and assembled would any of that work?

  3. hey julian, maybe drop me a line at mike dot tess at charter dot net
    I would love to find out what you are looking for