Friday, June 24, 2011

SCWH Honor Roll #18 - Green Stuff

Welcome to the SCWH Honor Roll!  This week, I'm bringing you some of my favorite Green Stuff/Sculpting posts I've found:

Master of the Forge's Artscale Grey Knight and Deathwatch Devastator
The Madhouse Workshop's Tzeentch Lord on Converted Disc
I See Lead People's Froggy Aliens

Unrelated to Greenstuff, these two posts are really impressive:
Carmen's Fun Painty Time's Completed 54mm Qwik Team
A Guardsmans Guide to Glory's Vostroyan Amy

Last, but fat from least I wanted to mention this tutorial that is simply AMAZING:
The Brush Brother's Grey Knight Tutorial: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4

Mike and John's additions for this weeks Honor roll are:

Mike: I try every week to find a new blog that i have never seen before: check out this one: harness and Array.It's a fun post

John: I like the way these HoA Steel Legion Team Devil Dogs are shaping up on the 40k Hobby Blog 

Be sure to also check out Heroes of Armageddon for all the details about the charity event benefiting the Doctors Without Borders organization.  In case you missed it, Ron of From the Warp is part of this weeks drawing.  If you don't already follow Ron's blog (you should), then trust me...  This man's painting is incredible.

And AGAIN: if you care about your fellow bloggers and their work, please link the Honor Roll on your blog. Grab the jpg from this post and use this link underneath:

It would be really appreciated!

Next week our topic is going to be Conversions.  If you want to help out, when you see something great out on the web and want to make sure I don't miss it, feel free to send it to robert [dot] biddle [at] gmail [dot] com.


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  1. Awesome- thanks for putting me on your Honor Roll! (For my 54mm Qwik Team.)

    And they're not entirely unrelated to greenstuff :) I threw a bit of gs over some Bronze Age Miniatures generic figures to get the team I wanted: