Saturday, July 30, 2011

Barter Bucket: 7/30/11

Another world, another time. In the age of wonder.

A thousand years ago this land was green, until the Bucket cracked. A single piece was lost, a shard of the Bucket. Then strife began, and people began charging for bits and single models. Here in the castle of the Bucket, Santa Cruz Warhammer took control. Now the bits flow freely once more. Now the Bucket hangs above a shaft of air and fire. Once more gamers gather at the Bucket. Once more they replenish their bits bins. The Bucket...
mike dot tess at charter dot net (SCWH's own Mike) is looking for the 100 Space Marine chapter poster as seen below.

It will be the inspiration for a SCWH project that will involve multiple blog posts and could lead to a small scale charity project for Toys for Tots by this Christmas. New and Unopened preferred but will take any condition. Lots of stuff to trade.

heaventouched at yahoo dot com has the simplest request anyone could hope for, and one that none of us can deny. He is looking for:

  • Bits. Any kind of bits. Whatever you bits form.
for trade he has:

  • Imperial Guard bits, lots and lots of Imperial Guard bits
david.serranojr at gmail dot com is looking to perform the vaunted army-switcharoo, email them directly for specific details:
  • Wants: Fully assembled, unpainted or decently painted Space Wolves (new models only please)
  • Has: Fully assembled, unprimed, unpainted Dark Eldar Army (all new models, 2ooo+ points, plus bits)
guido.kreemers at gmail dot com is on the hunt for:
  1. Blood Angels Tycho character
  2. Blood Angels Dante character
  3. Blood Angels Corbulo character
and has for trade:
  1. lots of 40k Space Marine stuff
  2. some old Imperial Guard Valhallans
  3. various WHFB Empire and Dwarf bits from over the ages
salamndr at gmail dot com is looking for:
  1. Imperial Pilot from the Battle for Maccragge box set
  2. OOP MkIII Space Marine (not the FW ones)
for trade he has:
  1. Wide selection of current and OOP Space Marine items
david.millest at bt dot com has got a hankering for:
  1. Space Marine Rhino headlights, any
  2. Space Marine Predator sponson scanners, any
for trade he has:
  1. variety of Imperial Guard bits, including heavy weapons
av8hotrod at yahoo dot com (SCWH's own John) wants:
  1. Long Drong's Slayer Pirates, any.
  2. Fantasy Chaos Marauders
  3. Orks in Mega Armor, any.
  4. OOP Land Raider box, the first one, just the box.
  5. OOP 2nd Gen. land speeder, the one with just the riders legs covered.
miksminis at gmail dot com (SCWH's own Mik) is celebrating his birthday today and is looking for:
  1. a single Rogue Trader era Ambull
The Bucket has one purpose, gamers helping other gamers. It's a place to trade the stuff you have laying around, the stuff you're not using and get the stuff you do need. No more buying whole sets for just one model, no more buying overpriced single bits. This concept is kept alive by the cooperative spirit of all of us.

Make sure your email gets to me by Thursday for it to post that week, emails go to miksminis at gmail dot com. Please keep them simple and concise with details, and limit your requests for needs and haves to three items each. This will turn a shotgun effect of a huge list crossing your fingers hoping for a bite to a more streamlined surgical bits hunt. It will also keep the Bucket itself compact and efficient.

Remember, change comes from within...your bits box!

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