Monday, July 11, 2011

Ghaz's Horde is coming together

The Santa Cruz Warhammer Game Night group came together last friday for about 5 hours and helped John and I painting the 4th army for the Heroes of Armageddon. We made lots of progress and one of the things that made a huge difference was the painting of 100 bases by Glenn and Tony. Here's a shot of that evening.
John is going to paint the two battlewagons, he will post later this week about that. Michael and Scott took responsibility for the Killa Kans and Tony took the heli choppas home for a nice finish. John and I are blessed to have great painters and hard workers at the same time that we can call friends. Michael also graciously donated a boxset of 5 nobz to the cause which John will paint up.
Last but not least we are working on 5 meganobz and 1 stompa. More about that stuff later in the week.

I myself decided to paint all the boyz for this army, there are 84 and 4 nobz. I finished up 40 of them over the weekend and I gave them all a distinctive color, just for fun but also a little bit to make it easy to identify the squads. Here are the 4 squads done, although my wife has promised to ULTRA fine tune all these models. She has great skills for fine painting work.

Today in a week all the armies will be done and showcased on the Heroes of Armageddon blog! WOW.