Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heroes of Armageddon - Final Weekly Drawing = Bolter & Chainsword Swag!

Alright folks, the last of our weekly drawings comes to you from the Crew at the Bolter and Chainsword.

B&C and esspecially Kurgan the Lurke have been HUGE in helping us promote this project just as they were last year with the Storm Wardens. They have posted many, many times and Kurgan has sent out multiple MASS emails to all the members to draw attention. They also commisioned their in house artist to create this banner, which has been on the home page for the last 3 months:
Every post on B&C had a corresponding spike in the donations to Heroes of Armageddon Project, and we thank them and all the B&C Forum readers for helping to make this years project such a success.

Just like last year the Bolter and Chainsword donated a deck of their unobtainable and awesome B&C playing cards and a sweet B&C patch. I got to see these last year, and had to give them up to the winners, and have had another set sitting here which I will once again not get to keep.

Many readers on the forum have been pulling their hair out, going crazy wanting these two prizes, but the forum gave them to us, so we can give them to YOU.

We will be drawing two winners this Sunday morning at random from the HoA donations.

The Bolter and Chainsword also will be sending 30 blood Drop dice (10 of each color) to the Blood Angel army winner. They started out as a Space Marine Forum after all...

Bolter and Chainsword also created FOUR of these awesome Purity Seal Icons with litanies created by Rob Ellis II aka -Q-.


Sunday morning we will pull 2 winners for the patch and cards, and then later at 6PM Eastern and 3PM PST, we will go Jawaballs Live on USTREAM  to pick the 4 army winners.

So, if for some reason you have been holding out to toss in a few bucks, for crying out loud, do it before it's too late!