Saturday, July 23, 2011

This is the END

John and I dreamt up the Heroes of Armageddon in December, during some regular banter session at his house. We originally had the idea to do two armies, but Dave Taylor convinced us we should think a bit bigger, so we started fresh..and bigger. But the whole thing really became real with the image above. I had asked Chris Miller, the amazing artist from Minions of the Monster Master, to do another piece for the Armageddon Charity Drive. Chris was responsible for the Stormwardens Artwork and I asked him to drum up something for a charity drive about the heroes of armageddon. After that we moved Yarrick closer and bang...there is the iconic image that you all have seen everywhere for the last 3 1/2 months: a real masterpiece. Contact Chris if you want to buy a print or hire him for something.

Tonight, Saturday evening the drive will end. The armies are done, the Battlefoam bags packed for Games Day in Chicago and the Paypal buttons will be removed, Saturday Night LATE.

I already feel a bit empty. John and I and all the team members have been so engrossed in this project, that it is hard to believe we won't be emailing each other daily anymore, we won't be checking emails constantly about new development, checking Paypal to see how it's going or talking about new ideas or models for the drive.
Despite many serious discussions and even a few feisty moments, I feel proud to call all the teamleaders who worked on this my brothers. Having you all in the bloghosphere means a lot to me, it's like I have a bunch of friends, although I have never met you and maybe never will. Despite that I know your hearts are in the right place, your work ethic is above and beyond and your talent as modelers amazing. I love all of you.

I will be proud and happy to announce the winners on Sunday and have John represent us at Games Day in Chicago next week.

...if you want to win one of these have one day left. PayPal link on the right.

Till next year.



  1. Awesome work for a great cause ... thanks guys

  2. I just checked my emails... of the ones I kept because they had relevant info, I have just over 300 sitting in my folder.

    And that's just for the Group/Army I was part of. It's amazing how fast the time has gone by. It seems like just last week we were getting ready to launch the thing.