Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why are we working on Heroes of Armageddon?

The Heroes of Armageddon Project is almost a few days we will announce the winners and the amount raised, you have until Saturday Evening to contribute.
We have all worked extremely long hours on this thing and you know what? I has been GREAT. We modeled and painted for a worthy cause, so it's a double feelgood exercise. Now to the cause.
Everyone should check in with Doctors without Borders Newsfeed. I have been checking in with them every week and it's astounding to read about problems that no one seems to care about, except organisations like DWB. Sure, in the papers and online you read about Darfur, the NATO led war on Lybia or the unrest in the Middle East. But there are many forgotten conflicts, epidemics and neglect of people, young and old, just like you and me.
Promise yourself to spend 10 minutes today reading the DWB newsfeed. It's amazing how hard the doctors, nurses and other personnel work to save people's lives. It sound cheesy, but it isn't. It's real. Read and then find 5 bucks or so to help them out. And a big thanks to everyone who already has done so.

Below are a few startling images of refugees in South Sudan, where DWB is in the middle between North South fighting over independence, food and power.

 More images here

It's really amazing that together us gamers, modelers and painters can make a difference. It's real stuff and we are REALLY helping.



  1. I'm reminded of a comment a friend posted on their FB page when someone complained about having to drive their kids around..."Our problems are First World problems"
    Looking at these images really puts those comments into perspective.

    Thank you to everyone who have helped and donated to such a noble cause!

  2. Everyone involved in the HoA project has done so much more than "just" raising money for charity.

    You showed the whole community how little it takes to make a big difference. And you've done it with the most humble and understating mind set. I have incredible amounts of respect for all of you.

    I salute you, sirs!

  3. I cannot begin to explain how impressive I find this project, the time scale, the awesome armies, the huge community effort, it really is a testament to the brilliant attitude of gamers.

    In my opinion it is possibly the best choice of charity for such a worldwide group effort. Doctors Without Borders, otherwise known as Medecins San Frontieres(MSF), has been running for. And there are not many places that it has not worked. Due to the nature of my course, I have had the opportunity to speak to the inspirational doctors and nurses who are active members of MSF, and who spend up to 6 months every year abroad making a difference in umpteen countries with the charity. What sets MSF apart from similar charities is the fact that they do not have a political agenda, their primarily goal is to save lives and make a difference in countries without the health care us Westerners are used to, some that are undergoing acute crises, much like the droughts in Africa right now. This singular drive to help people regardless of the other factors involved often means MSF works alone in areas other organisations won't go near. This means that not only are the men and women that volunteer to work with the charity are working long hours possibly undertaking very complicated procedures, they are doing so in very unstable and dangerous areas. I cannot begin to imagine what this work would be like, I have heard many stories, both amazing and terrifying, and I realise that the money donated to this charity makes a difference, and will go where it is needed.

    The armies speak for themselves, Doctors Without Borders requires some explanation however and I hope I have helped. Even a couple of bucks will make a difference