Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Direwolves and how to base them in a fun way

With rapid progress going on I am finishing up the Hordes of Vormond, my Vampire Counts army. I bought a box of Direwolves this saturday at GameKastle in San Jose and immediately put them together and on some fun bases.
 A simple piece glued to the base with some sand will do wonders once painted. I got a whole bunch of these pieces from my buddy Christian and used a lot for this unit. I still have to do greenstuff on the unit to fill some gaps and stuff but i wanted to show this anyway
 These two are jumping over an old chimney which overlaps onto the next door base. I glued the chimney to the one of the right but left space open on the other one, they are connected which makes the base look more realistic
 Here they are separated
 all the hounds are magnetized with a small piece of magnetic adhesive, there is tin sheet in the movement tray
 and magnetic on the bottom for easy transport on a steel baking sheet
 and yes, the magnets are strong but not too strong
Hope this inspires!


  1. Great looking wolves Mike, wondering where you source the tin sheet? Biggest problem I have with making movement trays :(

  2. This is really cool!

  3. Tristan, I get them at the local hardware store....They don't have packaging, so I can help you unless you live in Santa Cruz. If you send me some paypal, I will get them for you and ship them off...

  4. Great looking


  5. Very nice basing. I also like the magnetizing ideas, thanks for posting!