Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We are taking a break

after the culmination of the Heroes of Armageddon Charity Project, it seems that John and I are taking a break from our little blog. I for now can't seem to bring myself to prepare posts and images although I have been modeling like crazy on my Hordes of Vormond Vampire Counts Army. John is busy with work and both of us will be out of town for while as well.

Our apologies. We are not planning to quit the blog, we are just taking a break.

Cheers and thanks again for the amazing help on the Heroes Project. 32.000 dollars! Woohoo as goatboy would say.



  1. I have a few things in the works, more like getting caught up with some of the things I have been putting off.


  2. Great job on the heroes of Armageddon, and I look forward to your glorious return once you've recovered!