Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Building My Marauder Horde

It's been a while since I posted, but I have been deep into my growing Chaos Marauder horde.

My mages are made from Chaos Knights, even the basic Chaos sorcerer has chaos armor but most of the  GW sorcerer models don't have armor, so I added a few bits and made staffs from cut down standard bearer arms.

I love the big blocks of marauders, and I bunker my 2 mages in the blocks.

My Marauders have great weapons in the big units and flails in the small. I used flails and cut off the chain and added axe heads or the ball from the chain to make my great weapons.

100 topless Chippendale's dancers is a lot of flesh but using Tallarn foundation paint over the black primer has made it  more tolerable as it covers in one coat, and these guys just get a devlan wash after the base colors go down and they are done, real basic with a bit more detail in the front ranks. I am using red to tie in all the marauders, these will have the mark of Khorne.

Painting 100 marauders is no small feat, so I am breaking it up by magnetizing when I get sick of painting. 

I glue a large and small movement tray together to make it big enough to rank 5 larger bases.

I picked up a bunch of these strip magnet packs for about a dollar a pack, and 20 packs of washers for also about a buck, the washers in blister packs were cheaper than in bulk.

I lay a strip front to back in the tray for each row.

and inside every base a washer, the washers were a bit thin, so I added a cardstock shim to bring it flush with the bottom, turns out the cardstock backing from the magnet package is just the right thickness.

the magnet is strong enough to hold even inverted, but not too strong, you can lift out casualties without any fuss.

and for 2 bucks per 20 man tray, the price is right.

Stay tuned for more updates on this project, I have decided to build a small warband to add to this army when I need more points and that can act as a stand alone small point warband for smaller games.

the warband will be followers of Nurgle, and this guy will be in there somewhere



  1. They look great!!Incredible! My son will love them!

  2. They look amazing so far! Keep up the good work!

  3. That is a lot of Marauders! I picked up one of those Nurgle champs too, they are great.