Sunday, September 4, 2011

Direwolf test model: trying something different

Painting the direwolves, I always expected myself to go with Bleached Bone and red, kind of nasty looking, but once the model was sitting there staring at me, I decided to do it differently. Here's the test

The top is still Bleached bone, but the bottom part is Space Wolves blue with a red wash. Then consecutive highlights of blue and lighter blue, then in the end one more light wash of red to tone it all down.

The grass tufts are from Army Painter
 (pic courtesy of Anatolis gameroom, who did a review on them)
They are ready to go and glue right on. I like their look.

It's fun to think out of the box once in a while, hope you will do that as well sometime.



  1. really adds a gritty feel to your wolves! I always liked the look of this kit, and you've done an awesome job.

    (I was just looking at those grass tuffts in the shop, do you like working with them?)

  2. This is really great. Keep posting :)

  3. Looks pretty cool. I get a magical vibe from the blue.