Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More test models: for historical, for dark eldar

While I am slowly preparing the Ogre Army, I thought I would show you a few test models that I did for two other ideas, floating around in my head. Here's the Dark Eldar model:

I worked hard on this details like the cloak, little back flag, sword and face

And here is a little diorama I called 'An unexpected meeting'.

It's a Warfactory Viking and a Mantic Zombie. I looked up stuff about how Vikings clothed themselves and chose a limited palette based on plant bases dyes that they had access to. I worked hard on his shirt and the highlighting of the shield.

The zombie is very dirty and nasty looking

The base is from Secret Weapon. I created a early winter forest ground with salt as snow. I also added watereffects to create broken ice puddles, which didn't show up on the pictures that well..

It's fun to have many ideas floating in your head and follow up on it. Do it!



  1. both look absolutely amazing
    job well done

  2. As a Dark Eldar fan, I love the Dark Eldar archon. The positioning of the whip, just says, I am a badass.

  3. thanks friends. what do you think of the yellow?

  4. I love the viking vs. zombie!!! That would be a cool movie idea too!!! Maybe 13th Warrior part 2?? =)