Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Treasure Chest #1


Hello and thank you for checking out my first post for SCWH.
I decided to show off one of my favorite oldies from my collection - The Original Chapter Approved - Book of the Astronomicon.

Published in 1988, it was the first supplement for Rogue Trader. Some of the cooler aspects of this book: The Wolf Time campaign which pits the Space Wolves against hordes of Orks and a full-color catalog of 40K mini's that were available at the time.

There are also cool army lists like the White Scars Space Marines as well as a Rogue Trader retinue which had humans, elves, squats and others all in one force!

My copy is pretty hammered - the pages are falling out from years of use and my Alzheimer-afflicted grandmother (may she rest in peace) who wrote recipes and initials of family members on pages of characters. Who would've guessed that my dad was an Ork and that somehow
I am a Squat...funny if you know that I'm over 6'3" tall!

I recently found some pictures from 1989 or so, of my friend and I playing a game of 40K on his floor - we didn't have much in the way of scenery. But in several of the pictures, there's my copy of CA:BoA right next to my Arch Angels Space Marines kickin' Eldar butt!

Occassionally, these books go for a pretty penny on eBay - there is a nice copy currently going for more than $130.00!! I would love to get a new copy myself, but for the fact that my grandmother wrote in mine, I will hang on to my tattered copy forever!

I hope you've enjoyed this little treasure. Please feel free to post comments or shoot me an email telling me about your GW related treasures!



  1. That sure is some nice stuff you have there.
    I pretty much love those Rogue Trader era stuff but my collection misses the chapter approved. Damn.
    Hope you don't mind copying this idea of showing off old school stuff.

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  3. Welcome to the ranks of SCWH! Great article and a very nice, old school've inspired me to break out some of my stuff.

    I wish I had some photos of my early Rogue Trader gamin' days, you're very lucky in that regard.

    Oh, and buy some steroids already!

  4. Oli - Thank you! Please copy away!!! It is the sincerest form of flattery after all!

    Mik - Thanks, it's nice to be a part of such a wonderful group! I'm still trying to get some old pix from a friend of mine. We played in 2 huge games of 40K between stores; Game-A-Lot vs. Games Gallery. There were tons of pictures, but I've misplaced mine!

  5. Thanks. Already did it^^

    Looking forward to your next pics from the old days.

  6. awesome! I have mine sitting on my painting desk, on overwatch.

  7. My only real request is bigger pictures! *laugh*

    I've still got some of my second ed rulebooks, and re-read them from time to time. They have some of the coolest fluff pieces ever written for the game.

    I remember the funny look the guy at the game store gave me when I walked up to counter with the (then brand new) Witch Hunters codex and a copy of the old Sisters of Battle codex that I found in their back shelves... *laugh*