Monday, October 24, 2011

Daemonic Incursion: Building a Herald of Tzeentch

Hello again, as promised I documented the process of me building my second Herald of Tzeentch mounted on a chariot.  As you will see, it is a fairly simple process and the results are a cool looking model that can be potentially devastating on the table.

List of Supplies:

  • 2 flying stand bases
  • 3 flying stand stems
  • 2 Screamers of Tzeentch
  • 1 Herald model of your choice
  • 2 old chaos space marine dozer blades
  • 12" of jewelry chain
  • 6 small metal rings
  • 1 chariot base
  • basing material: sand, pebbles, etc (not pictured)
  • Heavy Gel Medium (not pictured)
The list of supplies may sound intimidating, but the model itself is quite easy.  I found most of these items on ebay so the price of this model was pretty reasonable.

The chain and small metal rings can be found at a craft store for about $5 total.  This gives you several feet of chain, and about 50 of these little rings!
Step 1: Glue the two flying stands together, flat side to flat side.

I added some greenstuff to plug one side of the hole.  This will act as a pupil for the disc.   The hole can also be filled in with gel medium in a later step.
Step 2: Cut off the points from the Dozer Blades
Be sure to clean up the mold lines.  These are from an older model, so a little more cleanup is required.
Step 3: Attach the dozer blades to the disc
Some of the blades are longer than others, I chose to put the longest ones in the front and back.
Step 3.1-4: Attach the rest of the blades.
I found that it helps to place the blades directly across from one another to help balance the disc.  I hairdryer is also handy during this stage to help speed up the process.

Make a cross shape with your first 4 blades to help with the overall spacing.

Then add diagonal blades onto the cross.

The disc with all blades attached!  By following the above steps, all blades should be spaced fairly evenly around the disc!
Step 4: Drill 2 holes in the disc on either side of the forward facing blade

Step 5: Drill a hole in each side of the wings for both Screamers
Place the holes towards the back of the wings, and fairly centered.

Step 6: Layout the disc and two Screamers onto your base to determine positioning
Play around with spacing, and if you have different heights of flying stand stems, take that into account as well.
Step 7: Drill holes for flying stand stems in the positions you chose.
Place the screamers and Disc in place, just to check out the height and positioning DO NOT GLUE.
Step 8: Base Stand, and apply gel medium to the Disc.
I applied a liberal amount of the gel using a stippling technique, this should make a pretty interesting pattern on the disc which will look great once I paint it.
For the base, I used some bassalt, but I will probably end up replacing this with a resin base down the road.
Step 9: While the Gel Medium and the basing materials dry, build your Herald.
Again, I decided to use the Tzeentch Sorcerer from the Storms of Magic release.  To make it different from my previous Herald, I removed the sword in the right hand, and replaced it with the staff that is normally in the left had.

I then cut off the second left arm altogether (he comes with two), and then swapped the clenched first that was holding the staff for the open hand from the removed limb.
Step 10:  While the Gel Medium and basing materials continue to dry, use pliers to open the metal rings.

and after
Step 11: Cut your chain into 3" pieces, and using the rings, attach the chain to your Screamers.
Use pliers to clamp the rings closed again, once the chain has been looped onto the rings.
Step 12: Once your Gel Medium has dried, attach the chains with loops to your Disc.
Be sure to do this step with everything on their flying stems (but not glued).  This will allow you to give your chains the desired amount of tension.  Once you have the chains shortened to the correct tension, again, use pliers to clamp the rings shut that are now attached to the disc.
Step 13: Attach your Herald to the Disc.
The stand will lean forward until it is glued into place, so be sure to pull the stand back to its proper position when shortening your chains.

Finished:  Your Herald of Tzeentch on Disc is built!
Last weeks Herald side by side with this weeks.

Next Step: Paint it up!
TO PAINT:  Remove the Screamers and Disc from the base, then remove the flying stems from the base.  Prime the base and the Screamers with attached Disc.  Do not prime the clear flying stems.  Paint away!

Well, that's it for this week.  Hopefully that was clear enough for everyone to follow.  Please let me know in the comments below if you need any clarification.

Now to get these suckers painted up...

Until next time,
Happy Modeling!



  1. Yes that is very clear and easy to follow. Great job, my Rhinos are scared!

  2. Very cool! I'm almost tempted to play Chaos just to have one of those in my force!

  3. Good looking conversions. Very effective.

  4. Great tips! A simple and easy conversion which looks great!

  5. Thanks for all of the positive feedback, I'm glad that these are being so well recieved!