Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finished Lead Belcher Unit: with magnets and slaves

I finished the Lead Belcher unit for my Ogres Project. As you have seen before, I models have been magnetized. In keeping with the slave theme in my Ogre Army, the Gnoblars have been replaced by human slaves, helping the warriors keep at it in the fight
I painted multiple skintones like a much darker one (was really fun to do) and gave all of the boys some tattoos

Here are the slaves, the one in white carrying gunpowder and the other one carrying a big sack with ammo.
All the models have a little bit of tin under their feet....
which magnetizes with the magnets that have been embedded into the base. This way i can take them off individually in case of a casualty.

Hope this inspires!


  1. I like that, good ideas. Love the use of slaves.

  2. Yes it inspires..! Paintning is great, and the converting techniques are really inventive! Thanks for this posting.

  3. Great work, i like the tatto's.