Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Follow up on stamping bases

Remember this post by Michael from a few weeks ago? He was testing a press mold for bases and wrote about his results, which he was pleased with. It got me thinking if I could scour my bitz box and pressmold some bases with bitz i had forgotten about long ago. Some worked, one didn't. Here they are:

The bottom one was pressed with the old Robogear Bio Toxin plant, using one of the big chem tank bitz. Came out nice. 
The wheel base was made riding a wheel over it
The last one looked like....well nothing. I didn't know what I was doing and started to act like a toddler, just pushing things into the greenstuff.
Here they are painted
I think the bottom one could go for a tau or eldar type base. The wheel one would do great with desert themed guard armies and the metal one would be ...something you toss.

I still had LOADS of fun doing this, please do it as well. It's now called press mould therapy. Works well after a stressful day.



  1. Very cool, I especially like the tire track print.. maybe have one with something smashed into the mud by the track..

  2. Looking very nice. I really like the bottom one.

  3. Good idea using random bits lying around. I agree with the term "press therapy", I have often spent a mindless evening molding bases.

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