Thursday, October 27, 2011

Santa Cruz Warhammer and Table Top Fix are joining forces on charity

Table Top Fix, the news blog that features on the Elite Alliance at BOLS, and Santa Cruz Warhammer have decided to partner together in the Ad for Charity Project. Falk, who is from New Zealand, runs TTFix with a partner in France and together they have excellent contacts in the world of models and modeling.

I asked Falk to help us with our plan and he was very excited. For companies that are interested, we will offer the following:

50 dollar donation to the charity of your choice = ads pace at Santa Cruz Warhammer for one month
100 dollar donation to the charity of your choice = ad space at SCWH and Table Top Fix for one month

With both packages we request two kits of the model being promoted: one will be reviewed by John or myself, the other will be given away.

Santa Cruz Warhammer and Table Top Fix together generate about 55.000 visits a month so exposure is guaranteed.

Neither SCWH or TTFix will receive ANY money. We will also keep a clear line on which companies can be promoted: they have to have relevance to our greater modeling world.

Dear readers, all this means not much right now, since we are busy contacting companies to measure interest. But we will keep at because we believe charity is needed now more then ever.

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