Monday, October 17, 2011

Scratchbuilt Hell Cannon with Green Stuff

John loves playing his Chaos army with a Hell Cannon and had to buy another one once he read TWO cannons would be even better. Bummed about another 50 dollars out the door, he challenged me to come up with a cheap scratchbuild. First I was trying to copy the existing models but it got me nowhere. Then, while browsing, saw some monster hell cannons that were inspiring and possible. So here is the one I made:

Here is the start:
after greenstuffing the mouth, I worked with Apoxie Sculpt to finish the body. 
The skin of the daemon is falling off after firing a few shots..
I added plenty of bitz to the sculpts
And here is the paintjob
I tried to make it look like it's burning from the inside, lava like. Of course I didn't really know how to do that but this will have to do
The chaotic essence is being fed from a warp gate  that the Chaos Dwarfs constructed. I added some lighting effects to the back of the cannon
The mouth is dark and nasty 
This is the first model I ever sculpted, so there so much to improve and do better. I am going to build another one that has more armour with lots of cracks in it; those I can make look like lava

Hope you enjoyed this crazy ride. it was done in 4 evenings, because of the different stages of drying.

Oh, and I wanted to get thrashed at Cool Mini or Not, so I added the greenstuff sculpt to my portfolio there: maybe you can throw down an honest vote HERE



  1. That is a very well done scratchbuild,the only thing I would do different is paint the faces lighter so they pop out more as is they blend in too much IMO.

  2. Will: thanks. yeah, i have been struggling with that but in the end decided to make them charred looking. I still feel slightly unhappy about it but don't know how to fix it and make it realistic

  3. it's amazing !
    very good job !

  4. what an ambitious project. the photos look good but i can't wait to see it in person.

  5. Michael: actually it really isn't. You can't go wrong, and with my very limited sculpting ability, i was able to create something that grossed my daughters out.