Monday, October 10, 2011

Treasure Chest #2: about Thrugg Bullneck and Badyear tires

Last SCWH game night, several of us were reminiscing about miniatures from the old Rogue Trader days. Some of my favorites were the Space Ork Raiders, Ork Warbuggy and Ork Dreadnought.
Most long-time 40K players remember fondly the original RTB01 Space Marine box with sprues to make up to 30 marines…but around the same time, GW released Thrugg Bullneck’s Space Ork Raiders! I dug up my original box set..

This boxed set contained 17 metal miniatures that allowed players to re-fight the “Battle at the Farm” scenario found in the original Rogue Trader rulebook. (Let’s not forget the “Battle for Jadeberry Hill” as well!)
Shortly thereafter, GW released the Space Ork Dreadnought with an additional torso section to make either a regular size dread or the “supa-dread” shown below:

I loved how this model brought to life the shadowy monsters that were pictured closing in on the Crimson Fists on the cover of Rogue Trader.

To add to the Orky arsenal, the warbuggy gave the Orks that much needed boost of speed enabling the Orks to give the Crimson Fists a taste of their own lightning assault medicine! I still laugh whenever I look at the warbuggy’s tires that say, “Bad Year” on them.
Even though my RT Orks were never painted (I know, I’m a slacker right??) they have seen plenty of action the table top. Mega-battles at my friend Jay’s house were huge in scale and we used all the mini’s in our collections in our fights – and this was long before 40K Apocalypse!!!
I hope you have enjoyed this romp through the Treasure Chest!



  1. Yep - lovely old Rogue Trader miniatures. I'm not sure why, but the old stuff really is beautiful.

    If only I had the money to buy the Grey Knights and Landspeeder of old. Maybe one day.

  2. Thanks Glenn. Those old Orks are really great. They had so much humor to them.

  3. Thanks!

    -Richard, Yeah...GW talks a lot about "characterful" models...but I think the RT stuff had tons of character!

    -Micheal, I love the names of the original Squats: Uzi Galil, Colt Steiner and many other "gun" names. But also...Rumman Coake, the original alcholic jet bike rider!!!

  4. I had not heard of Rumman Coake before, that is awesome!

  5. ¿de qué va este juego?

  6. -Anonymous, Nosotros jugamos en Capitola, CA

  7. Squats were my army of choice back then and I still have a lump of old (And terribly painted by a ten-year-old-me) metal bearded stunties in my bits box. They were and still are my favourite figs GW ever put out.

    Surprising to see yours are so well taken care of. Kudos!

  8. -Deadestdai, Yeah!!! Squats rocked! I had tons of them but someone made me too good an offer to buy them and so they went bye bye. But I still have 2 Thudd Guns and a coupla' Mole Mortars with crews.