Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chaos Hell Cannon and the eclectic crew

Remember this thing? I posted about it a little while ago, here and here. It's my scratchbuilt Hell Cannon for my budding Chaos Warriors Army. I steered away from an engine and wanted more of a Warp Creature. For the crew I also DIDN'T want the Chaos Dwarf engineers. Since my cannon is a warp demon, a sorcerer seemed more apropriate. I haven't chosen the two sorcerors yet, but I did make progress on the rest of the crew.
I divided each crew up in one wizard, one model holding a scroll with the spell to make this thing fire, and one sturdy dwarf for protection. Remember, in the games it's all counts as and I will just use the Chaos Dwarf stats.
Here is the little demon holding up the Dark Book of Chaos Spells. It's from the Daemon Hunter range.

 Here's the spell carrying model for the other Hell Cannon. He is an Empire Scribe, but I green stuff long hair and a little beard on him, it's amazing how it changes the look of the model. I also painted some chaos designs on the side of his robe.
 and here are their two dwarf friends, unpainted as of yet.

Hope this inspires you all to do something different



  1. Great choices for the spell/scroll carriers, they both look very cool. Nice and simple touches to change the look of the models (star on the book and hair on the scribe).


  2. thanks Dave. It's fun.


  3. An absolutely fabulous model. Well done.

  4. Always love to see some out of the box thinking in the Warhammer hobby. And these are accomplished with good skill and taste. Inspiring!