Monday, November 28, 2011

Chaos Hell Cannon and the eclectic crew: finished

I finished the Chaos Hell cannon crews for both Cannons. In the picture above you can see the final models, color coded in green and red. The cannons have those base colors and I thought it would be cool to code the models as well. Let's run through the last models of this set.

the Red Sorcerer
This is the Games Day 2010 model. I like him in red a lot. I worked hard on the hand with eye, but only after I snipped off his fingers on accident, removing flash...

The Red Dwarf
This is a very old Grenadier model. I added the chaos star. Never throw away old models, you never know when you need them

The Green Sorceress
The vampire countes with added star. This one looks like s@#%t but only after I tried the lighting effect. Before I added the blue, she looked great, but I messed it up...and i don't want to revisit her.

The green Dwarf
An old pegleg metal dwarf. A great model and I am very pleased with the pale paintjob. I did add a little red to the nose.

And here is your green team:
And here's the red team

They will certainly cause mayhem on the battlefield.

Here's is a link to the making of these models with all the Hell cannon posts in one go.



  1. I think the lighting effect on the vampiress is pretty good, actually. I've struggled with it - it's a difficult technique to master. Victoria Lamb made a great diorama that demonstrates it very well:

  2. Those look really great! And now you have 2 completely unique units. Kudos.

  3. a very interesting crew... I love the use of old school models and the fact you "recycled" them into something cooler! By the way, how did you make the pale skin on the green dwarf?

  4. checkerthinker: thanks for the kind words. I painted the dwarfskin white, then washed it with blue and worked it back up to white. I added a TINY bit of red wash (diluted) to his nose.