Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wolfwing Drop Pod Part 2: weathering the inside

Here's a quick visual update on the Wolfwing Drop Pod. First I want to show you my primer box where I primed the the pod. I liked the pattern, very much like a flower.
I finished the warning stripes on the exit ramps and this also gives you a glimpse of paradise: a early morning cup of coffee, some breakfast and a model to work is good.

 I wanted to paint the inside compartment in a manner similar to the ForgeWorld Modeling Book, a book that EVERYONE should have. In the book they paint the tank compartments light, white of grey and then weather it. I have always loved that look and decided on white. In order to protect the ramps I papered off the sides and kept the center visible
 and here it is primed white. 
 After the brown and sepia washes and some paint here and there, the inside is getting there.



  1. Very nice indeed, the weathering is really good and I love the globe in the middle. I also have the same book and I cant live without it at the mo.

  2. Looking very good so far. keep it up.

  3. Really cool detail on top of the interior central piece. The little things make the difference, and you're hitting them spot on, nice work!