Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wolfwing update! painting a Drop Pod and carving Pumpkins!

During the Halloween Weekend I suddenly heard the Wolves calling me from the cupboard.  These 5 lonely Space Wolf Terminators were done in January of this year, almost one year ago. 
After that my mind wandered over to the Vampire Counts and Ogres...and suddenly I am ready to do more wolves. I started painting the Drop Pod over the weekend and wanted to give you a tutorial on how I will do the exit ramps of the pod. Here it goes:
First I painted the stripes on the ramp in black and ochre foundation paint. To come up with a similar scheme for all of them, I counted out lines and put red dots on there to make sure my pattern would be perfect all the way to the bottom. 
here i prepared the next one
I also added some warning stipes on the corners of the droppod platform
Oh, and then it was time for pumpkin carving...
back to the drop pod: added the boltgun metal and the sunburst yellow on the stripes to give them more punch.
lighting the pumpkins for a try out
I washed the ramp with Badab Black and the yellow stripes with Gyro Sepia
Then with a little green scrubbing sponge, I sponged on charadon granite, moderately on the flat parts but kind of hard on the edges
And there is the end result, next to the beginning!
I will take a few posts and talk you through how I paint the drop pod for my Wolfwing. Stay Tuned!


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  1. Your kids are talented! You should put their modeling skills to work on miniatures.