Monday, December 19, 2011

The Defenders of Makkum: swordsmen part 2: updates

After a couple of weeks, I have made quite a bit of progress on the swordsmen of the Defenders of Makkum. I received the bases from Dragon Forge and was able to paint up about 12 models and have two models in progress, the standard bearer and the wizard. Let's go to the pictures:

Here are the first models, based on their red brick bases. The movement tray is just a working tray, I am going to build something different. Also no terrain yet in between the ranks, haven't gotten any yet.
For the Dutch readers, they recognize the Frysian flag with red hearts, very cool flag. I painted it reversed, I like the flow better this way.
 All the models are heavily kitbashed and meant to depict veteran type warriors, grouped together from different districts around Makkum and called up to the city to defend it. A lot of men have grey hair to make them look a bit older. Different shields mean different homesteads or allegiances.

This is the emblem of the current city of Makkum in Friesland, Netherlands and I thought it would be fun to paint that on the standard.

 I still have to work on it a bit, but it looks good enough for now
 Suddenly, on a sleepless night I got inspired to paint a wizard. I have worked mostly on his cape and book. The inside pages are done. It was really fun to do and my new, special for painting-reading glasses are really helping!

More next week!



  1. That's a super neat design on the shields and banner, good job. I have a bunch of Empire soldiers that need to be painted I might just have to look up some actual flags and symbols too.

  2. Wow! The banner looks great Mike!

  3. I love updates for this army! Some really good stuff there, with the rest being really excellent.
    Great to see this Dutch themed army progressing!