Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Defenders of Makkum: swordsmen part 3: standard PLUS wizard

I am now 5 models away from finishing the first unit of 25 swordsmen. I finally touched up the standard bearer and finalized the wizard
I spent a lot of time on the wizard and feel happy about this model. It's a wonderful sculpt  (wonder who sculpted it?) and there are excellent model lines to work with. I received this wizard in a trade and painted him up as was built. He is standing on a pedastal of red brick, made from the chimney of the Fantasy Manor
Above you can see I added some ornate stuff on the inside and a fiery comet on his inside shawl.
The inside of the book with the winds of magic:
...and I worked a bit on his bookmark.
At this angle you can also see the other ornate embroidery on the inside of his cloak

My wife got me the Garden of Mor for Xmas, so I will be looting that set to create scenery inside the movement tray. I have already tried out a few thing, but I think that set will make it look awesome!
Stay tuned


ps: I dropped the wizard on my Cool Mini or Not page, please vote if you feel like it!


  1. This Fantasy effort has had me buying up some old Jess Goodwin Skaven sculpts to start my own (albeit small) Skaven army. (I even bought my gaming mate a small 20-gob unit of night goblins to ghet him interested too - tho thus far to no avail.)Have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your Empire army's progress thus far.

    PS - my wife also got me the Garden of Mor set for Xmas. :)

  2. The detail on the book & the cloak embroidery are amazing.

  3. thanks for the kind words. This stuff always makes me EXTRA stoked to model and throw in online