Friday, December 9, 2011

SCWH Honor Roll #41

Welcome to the SCWH Honor Roll now brought to you with love and care direct from Lantz from over at MWC, TLA and HoP! We're still awaiting Matt's return to the internet, so until then I've still got the driver's seat... Buckle in!

Floor Gaming - Painted Terrain
Recalcitrant Daze - Looted Wagon Kit Bash
Spikey Bits - Tomb Blade Conversion
Alskayer Et Lyc@rnia: Le Manufactorum - Ork Infantry Conversions (translated to English)
The Hobby Ambit - Flying Ork Trukk Completed
From The Warp - Destroyed Vehicle Craters
Digital Wastrel - Wyches Painted
The Quiet Limit Of The World - Branchwraith Painted
Smells Like Wargaming - Salamanders HQs Finished
The Painting Shop - Ogre Maneater Pirate Painted
March Of The Plastic Soliders - Sorylian Battleship Completed
Lil Loser - Eldar Army
Warpstone Flux - Shadow Sword Painting

Lantz: A lot of good stuff this week! Necrons aside, of course, my favorites have to be DW's painted Wyches; those things are superb! I'm also a fan of all the Ork work being done this week. Did you see that flying Trukk over at THA? Go click it again! Finally, I really like the clean look of the Sorylian Battleship by MotPS. I used to play Ultramarines, so maybe it's striking a chord there.

Mike's addition for this week's Honor roll is:

Mike: I mentioned this model ages ago and finally Cianty has been able to paint it up...and yes, that modeling cabinet looks wonderful!

As always: if you care about your fellow bloggers and their work, please link the Honor Roll on your blog. Grab the jpg from this post and use this link underneath:

Much appreciation!

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  1. Really liked that jester fig and the way it was painted was ace.

    Thanks for the links!