Friday, December 30, 2011

SCWH Honor Roll #44

Welcome to the SCWH Honor Roll now brought to you with love and care direct from Lantz from over at MWC, TLA and HoP!

The Emporer's Codex - Ironclad Dreadnought Conversion
Recalcitrant Daze - Gun Emplacement Mk II Conversion
Mordian 7th - 1k Sons Sabre Completed and Falchion WIP
Musings of a Metal Mind - Ghost Ark Completed (With Bonus Rant!)
Maximum Heresy - Tyranid Cheap Zoanthrope Tutorial
Spiky Bits - Necron Wraith Conversion
Truddenia - Javelin Jetbike Completed
ADHD Gaming - Necron Catacomb Command Barge Test Model Completed
PsychosisPC's The Madhouse Workshop - Chaos Space Marine Conversion

Lantz: Hot damn there was so much great work done this week! This surprised me with the holidays cluttering up everyone's schedules, but as always the community came through and with flying colors. Speaking of flying and colors, check out ADHDG's CCB's paint job; I can't wait to see more of this army. Along the lines of Necrons, one of my favorite bloggers from MofMM has posted his beautifully painted Ghost Ark along with an entertaining rant about its construction. To all who read this, you don't know pain until you've put together a Ghost Ark. I feel your pain, Mark. Finally, another one of my favorite bloggers/scratch-build artists over at M7th is bringing us more scratch-built vehicles this week with the Sabre and a WIP for a Falchion.

Mike's addition for this week's Honor roll is:

Mike:  I TOTALLY love how Fritz 40K is painting up old game sets like skull pass and having fun with it. He is also gong to do some LOTR. I think it's great and I am certainly following his progress

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Much appreciation!


  1. Thanks for the nod! There's some great stuff in the list this week, including several blogs I hadn't seen before but will now be following with great interest. Keep up the great work, everyone!

  2. Cheers for the heads up again, always an honour to get a mention in the list.

    BTW, did you get the email I sent before Christmas?