Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nurgle Lord on Palanquin

Over the last week I threw together a Nurgle Lord on a Palanquin. Using the old, oop palanquin, a lord I painted years ago and a bunch of oop nurglings, I threw it together and try to make it look imposing.

and inspired by:

Now on to about 18 old metal plague marines, some from the eighties, some from the nineties and some from early 2000's
SC Mike

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SCWH Traitor Guard Army Overview Part 2

Here is the rest of the stuff I recently finished for the Traitor guard/Chaos list of 1500 points. It's not totally done yet, but getting there.

Here's the landraider:

It's equipped with the twinlinked lascannons, the heavy bolter and the havoc launcher.

As you can see, I created new lascannons. I used a Tau Ionic Blaster and sawed off the cannon part. Then created two lascannons using plastic tubing. That I insterted into the sponsons. They move perfectly and look different but still serious. I think it's a good kitbash to do to make your chaos lr look a bit different.

The havoc launcher is made of the missile pod of the Valk.

The dead man is from the Forworld Renegade trooper kit, very nicely donated to me by my buddy Michael. To make him blend in on the fender, I added more entrails and flesh with greenstuff. ALSO, I lengthened the fenders with two pieces of fantasy movement tray, to cover up the aquila on the threads.

Of course ALL the weapons are magnetized, so I don't have to remember which weapon was destroyed during gaming, just take them off!

Onto the counts-as-Vendetta!

 Its the 1/48 scale Revell Hind helicopter model, that John found when looking for a suitable replacement for the Vendetta for my army. I bought it for 20 bucks on Ebay.
It looks big, but is actually the same bodysize as the Valk/Vendetta, except that the tail is about 2 inches longer. Since that part doesn't really come into play, it works perfectly. The distance from nose to wing is the same as the GW model, so it works great in look on the battlefield.

The lascannons were home made and are all magnetized so I can take them off if I lose a set in battle.

The base I made from some bits and stuff and I found an upright barrell to use as stand for my Dragonforge flightstand. I prefer the round and clean look over the GW version.

And last but not least: a squad of Chaos Marines!

I also photographed my third renegade squad but somehow deleted the images during transfer. More on those guys later!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

SCWH Traitor Guard: Army Shot!

I have been working hard on my Traitor Guard. Here's an update on the progress:

I stole a 1500 pts Guard/Chaos allies list (somewhere onlin) with a counts-as-Vendetta, a Maulerfiend, a Landraider, a squad of Chaos Marines and the troops you have seen before. Let's show off some details:


I pinned him on one leg to create more dynamic movement. That required one back leg to stretch out while the other came forward.

I magnetized all the weapon options for both models, so I can turn him into a Forgefiend as well. You can see the magnet in the middle of his body. Once I have the other weapons painted up, I will show you how to use the existing kit to get it all done.

Penal Squad
Using Victoria Miniatures Victorian troops, I reversed the concept of a penal squad (John's idea). Good guys captured by traitors! Their minds have been blanked using the (sculpted) collars, that of course also carry an explosive.

Their leader has already crossed the point of no return, but you can still see his background in his pants.
I also thought it would be fun to use a mechanical guard dog. By the way, the heads of the captures men are bareheaded Germans from West Wind

I will show you the rest next week!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One Dollar 28mm Buildings

While making a trip through the local dollar store discount shop, I came upon a few little buildings that I thought I might be able to do something with.

 I have had some good luck in the past using dollar store findings for terrain projects like my flickering fire markers and cat bowl outpost

I have been playing Warhammer Fantasy a lot more now and also just started with some WWII British Airborne for Bolt Action. I liked the idea of a few buildings that could be used as either 28mm Fantasy or 28mm WWII European. I have seen other holiday decor buildings like this but it seems like they are too goofy looking or they have too much Christmas themed nonsense on them, but these were just one dollar each, and for a three dollar investment, I figured I would give it a go, so I picked three that had doors that looked like a 28mm person could walk through, (most were smaller closer to 1/72 or 20mm )

There is a quarter in the pic to show 20mm base size

My goal is to make some buildings that I can use for 28mm WWII and Fantasy with very little real work.

The two main things to deal with were getting rid of the Christmas decor, and dealing with the snow piles on the roofs. If you want to have a Christmas battle and a snowy table these would be easy to use as is, but I want them to be non snowy and non holiday specific, so I set out to deface them.

you can click on the pics to make them really big.

Using my trusty Dremel rotary tool with a grinding stone, I went after the houses and like the Grinch I removed all the ribbons wreaths and other nonsense.

Next up the snow piles on the roofs, rather than spending 6 hours grinding and then resculpting all the roofs, I decided to go with thatched roofing , this works for WWII Europe and Fantasy, so I went to the craft store and bought a chunk of fake fur. I have heard that in smaller scale you can use terry towel but this was only three dollars and was enough to do a bunch of roofs. Make sure you get black, or you will have a hard time painting it

With scissors I cut sections and glued them to the roof of the buildings, so they looked like they had Beetles wigs on

then a nice heavy black primer coat, the spray primer will stick the fur fibers and mat them down nicely for the final paint, and its easy to trim the fur when it dries

You can see where I made new doors out of craft sticks and coffee stir sticks, I decided to keep the ridge on the roof as a Dutch gable, but you could also cover it with fur.

Here is one with the paint going on the thatching, you can also see where I filled the window and toy store sign with cardstock

Finally just paint them up as you like, I also used a dullcote sealer.

and here are the three houses, I added some flocking to the plants, and a 28mm WWII british Para and a Warhammer Fantasy skeleton for scale.

All in all I am happy with them, only 6 bucks spent and some paint, they are kind of small, but I think I will keep them together and have them be a row of little shops.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

SCWH Traitor Guard: Penal Squad Test Model

A while back John and I were talking about options for a Penal Squad for my budding Traitor Guard and he came up with the idea of having 'good guys' be the penal squad for my traitors. I thought it was a great idea and decided to hunt for models that look completely different from the bad guys.
I always loved Victoria Miniatures and since she had a free shipping deal a few weeks back, I jumped on it.
Here's the first of nine models.

I sculpted a psyk collar around his neck that not only has an explosive built into it, but also harnesses the mind of the poor guy, hence the white eye...
The head is from the Westwind range, German heads. i like this one with his patch.

The Vic model is just of the highest quality, with great detail and wonderful prportions. Anyone should find an excuse to pick up a few and get painting!

More coming!

SC Mike

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SCWH Traitor Guard: scratch built heavy weapon

I have been diligently working on my traitor guard and have painted up 2 squads of troopers and built up two more squads. But this past weekend I have been busy trying to replicate my first 'counts as' heavy weapon squad. Here's a picture of that first one:

I want to evoke a WWI look and like the big wheels of the first one. But the main gun part is an old Ork Lobba and runs 22 dollars, the wheels are from the Skaven Doom Bell and run 8 dollars, so I held off. This weekend I got some plastic card from my buddy Christian and decided to build the wheels, the main gunhouse and the frame that holds it. Here's the result and after it was painted:

Of course upon close inspection, it doesn't look as good, but on the battle field it will totally do. Doing rivets drives me crazy by the way. In the end I was very pleased with the way it came out and certainly once the paint is dry and the liberal wash administered, it came together nicely

Here are some shots painted up, on the left the old one, on the right the new one.

For the new one (right), I added a different chaos symbol

and some details, this is a warriors of Chaos shield:

Although for the first one I built up the base myself with balsa wood and green stuff, this time I used a trench base from Secret Weapon.

One more to go!
SC Mike

Friday, September 28, 2012

SCWH Traitor Guard part 5: 4 more Kitbashed troops

I built 4 more kitbashed troops out of all my old bitz. At this point I am running out pretty much everything and I am stuck to cutting up arms and legs to make them fit. It's fun, sometimes I get a bit desparate, but so far all of my models look really different. Here's the new group:
The guy on the left: I sculpted his entire right arm up to his glove. The legs are from some obscure model, John gave me a few sprues of those models. The head is from Maxmini.
2nd to left: torso and legs from the same obscure model range, head from Valkyrie pilot set.
3rd from left: empire arms, guard torso and max mini head.
on the right: max mini gun, bretonnian archer head, catachan legs.

The guys on the right have old storm trooper back packs, the ones on the left have back packs from Secret Weapon. I am going to do a quick post next week on backpacks. it's fun!

EDIT: one of readers found out what the obscure mini range was that I have some sprues of: i found a review of those models here . Thanks to Da Masta Cheef

SC Mike

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SCWH Traitor Guard Part 4: Heavy Weapon Squad 1

I knew from the start of this project that I wanted my Heavy Weapon Squad to be counts-as, and looking more like Artillery (which the Guard inexplicably lacks) in WW1. So before looking at the model, remember this: you are really looking at two guys with a heavy bolter or lasgun or mortar. But I love the idea of an interesting mini diorama and had fun making it. In a game I will just mention what actual weapon is in play.

Here's the unpainted and painted version

The gun body is from the 40K Ork Lobba, the barrel is a home made piece of tubing. The wheels come from the large Skaven Bell Kit.

I created the sandbags using the tutorial in the Forgeworld Modeling book vol 1. It's really easy and fun. I have done a tutorial on it years ago right here.
The rest of it was balsawood and beach sand and a bit of playing around with positioning.

Here's a shot from the back. The back wheel is a Chaos bit from the olden days, but I don't know where it's from. I have three more and got them in a trade ages ago. Finally found a use for it. I added the pin and attachment to secure it in the swamp.

The other side

I gave this guy an Ipad, just for fun. 

Little details help

The front 'fender' is a bit of plastic card with rivets and an old chaos star.
And here is the unit with four new friends that I will introduce next time!

PS: I am looking for TWO more Ork Lobbas (just need that gun body piece) If anyone has one that they want to trade or sell, let me know!

SC Mike

Friday, September 21, 2012

SCWH Traitor Guard: the best 28mm sculpt in years!

OK, this will be a complete sales pitch. But sometimes stuff is so blatantly obvious (to me at least), I have to use my platform to help creative and talented people. And i was not asked to do this..

When we ran the Heroes of Armageddon drive last year ago, Chris Borer provided the Master of Ordinance for the Steel Legion Army. He sculpted it from scratch AND did such a good paintjob on it, that he won the GOLDEN DEMON on Games Day 2011. Amazing.

Chris was smart enough to cast a mold of the original and in his modest online shop sells metal version of it, the resin model is unavailable at this time. I had bought the resin model a while back, but until now had not done anything with it. But I decided to make this guy my Master of Ordinance for my new Traitor Guard. When I started painting it, it struck me: this model is an absolute stunner. The detail is astounding, the lines beautiful and there are nice open spaces to really work the brush. It was such a joy to paint it. Here's my version of it:

Obviously Chris Borer is a GD winner, his version is top of the line and gives you a better picture of the incredible detail of the sculpt.

I really want to bang the drum on this: go to his store and buy a model at Full Borer Miniatures. For 10 bucks you can get a top of the line model and my humble opinion is: it's the best model in the "GW" range in years and stands right up there with Brian Nelson's Nurgle Lord.

Even if you don't play, this model is just a joy to work on and put in your display case. And that way you also support a very talented artist who we can hopefully push to sculpt another Guard like model!

SC Mike