Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Defenders of Makkum have a General!

I finished the general of the Defenders of Makkum. He is painted in an a-typical style for me and I try to copy Dave Taylors clean way of painting. My usual approach is much more gritty but now I want to challenge myself and try to come up with some clean work.

I want my Knights to look like the Warriors of Ulric with the more Northmen like look that I imagine for the army. Not too much ribbons and hankerchiefs, instead that real warrior look.

I went for a Black and Yellow scheme for the barding and a red and blue for the rider. I enjoyed painting the horse a lot. Going down the legs, I spent a lot of time on the fur right above the hooves.

On my last post on the Swordsmen, some readers wanted to see the movement tray terrain placed in the back of the unit instead of the front. I shot a picture of that set up.

At this point I have finished 25 swordsmen, one wizard and the general. I have to leave the Defenders of Makkum for a while and focus on some different projects. I am working on some updates on the Hordes of Vormond, my Vampire Counts army, and I have to paint a Leman Russ for my friend Daniel in Singapore. Oh yeah, my Ogres are also asking for some attention. Lots of stuff coming up!



  1. Hey Mike!
    Missed you at game night, but I must say, I am very impressed by your General. Very cool and really portrays the north-man look you want!

  2. I really like the Mounted General, what are you going to do for your Knights? I have to admit I don't care for the current Knightly Order models.

  3. Nice work mate. They are a really characterful looking band you're getting together.

    The general looks the business. Per Chris, what are your thoughts on knights? The current models are a bit underwhelming but there are all these rumours of a new Empire book coming soon so maybe new knights?

    And I think the unit looks better with the fillers at the back. I liked what you were doing with them marching through the gates, but this way the front rank doesn't look as cluttered, and now it looks like the unit is on its way out rather than just stepping through.

  4. he looks great. I think the clean aesthetic looks great on that regal figure.

  5. Great job on the horse under all the amrour. Sometimes we get caught up in what's on top that we forget about the animal under all the armour plating.

    And to make it a white horse on top of that, very nice work.

    From the Warp

  6. Looking good Mike, and I echo Ron's thoughts re: the horse, nice work.

    I also like the gates being at the back of the unit. This way they're still defending the gates AND they have somewhere to fall back to should they need it. ; )


  7. Just to echo Ron and Dave above, the horse looks great and has a natural colouring you rarely see observed in mini painting; and the pillars at the back looks far better.

    One bit I'm a little wary of is the exposed eye - his eyebrow is so low that it almost looks like eye-shadow?

  8. Nice work! Love the basing for the infantry too. Dean