Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hordes of Vormond: a (slow) work in progress

I like giving my armies a name and a little backstory. It's not like I am obsessively living in a fantasy world, it's actually helps me with the modeling part of it. I stay more motivated when I give myself some visual and contextual guidance. I started it with my Guard Army, The Bishkek 2nd, and then started a Vampire Counts Army, about a year ago. It took me a long time to come up with a name and chose Hordes of Vormond. Vormond really came from Roermond, a city in the south of Holland where I went to high school. I like getting in a name that somehow relates to my own life.

Anyway, here's a rolling update on the Hordes of Vormond. At this point it's about 1500 points points and with the new releases I couldn't help but add some stuff to it. Pretty soon this army will be at tournament strength. I want to give you a quick portrait of the new additions, some of it still on (long term) progress:

Bat Swarm. I got these guys in a barter bucket deal and they were completely destroyed. I created a little Graveyeard scene and added the bats to it. This was a quickie, but it sure beats bats on wire sticks
Krell and Kemmler. I painted both of these up last week. I got Kemmler 4 months ago on Ebay. I had never seen this model before and noticed it in the 1996 Warhammer Battle Book. After I got him, he was stripped but his staff was beyond repair. I forgot about him until I read the last White Dwarf...there he was! I painted him up in a similar scheme but I found him pretty impossible to do well. Game wise he is an animal.
Krell is a great model, thank you Juan Diaz
Bloodknight in progress. He has been that way for a while. I am a little initimidated by these guys. Notice the headswap. Visually there will be no Vampire in my army and rules wise, only the bloodknights will have the Vampire Rule. I like the idea of humans wanting to ally themselves with the Vampires. The humans in Vormond are like that. I am pleased with this little paint test and will paint the rest like that.

This hexwraith I just finished, using the LOTR paintscheme for Undead. It's quick and easy and looks great AND since they are ethereal, they should be a duo tone, I think. The sculpts by the Perry Brothers are really, really good.

And a testmodel for the Direwolves, I have had this one for a few months

So that's it, the Hordes are growing, slowly but surely..its great fun to have some armies in progress to fall back on when you want to do something different. I can recommend it, start hording!


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  1. Looking good! I like how Krell turned out, and the ghostly effect on the Hexwraith is rather cool. Keep up the great work!