Monday, January 2, 2012

My Favorite Model #1: Dave's Praetorian Commander

Last week I posted a request for readers to send me their favorite model with a few lines about why they liked it so much. David Clark, who runs the blog Commissar Dave Praetoriansi IVCoy, sent me an email with his favorite model. Check it out, here's Dave:

"The model I have chosen is my very Commander for my Army. I have
chosen him as it was just a complete joy to work on and I also thought
it would fairly well at Golden Daemons, well needless to say it did
not do very well and was not even looked at."

"I picked the Death Corps of Krieg Commander as I loved the way it is
posed, the detail and just the pure beauty in the model that screamed
Praetorian to me. I originally thought it would be quite hard work to
swap the head for a Praetorian Pith Helmet head but it was not, just a
simple case of cutting the original head off and drilling out for
fitting of a new neck and head. The head I chose is from a company
called Empress Miniatures who do a Zulu War range. I picked a head
that had an old age look, somebody who has seen alot and been through
alot in his time." 
"I then spend many week's doing him in the same
Praetorian colours so he would blend in well with the rest of my army,
and spending more time on highlighting and blending to give it a
smother finish. I did a display base for it that is removable so that
I can use my model in normal games, and I thought that I would go with
a Rorke's Drift look with ammo boxes, the Zulu shield and white wash
"So there you go my favorite model and a short piece on why and how I painted it."

I personally think this model came out splendidly and I was very stoked to throw it on the blog. Make sure you all visit Dave's blog.....
and send me YOUR favorite model, send it to mike dot tess at charter dot net. I will post it and it will give our readers a chance to get to know your blog and models. Let's make it fun!