Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We have a WINNER plus a SCWH sale at Victoria Miniatures

We have a winner of the awesome Victoria Miniatures Penal Squad conversion kit! Before I announce the winner (which was very professionally drawn by my youngest daughter), a quick look at the prize:

and now on the winner, from England:

Courtney at Cadian 127th (who also has a blog since 2008, check it out HERE)

congrats, email me your address asap: mike dot tess at charter dot net

For all of you who have not won, Victoria has a special deal for Santa Cruz Warhammer readers. Through the twelfth (this coming Thursday) if you buy the Penal Squad kit and mention Santa Cruz Warhammer in your paypal notes, you will get an extra sprue of heads (pictured above) PLUS a set of brand new laser rifles, shown below on a variety of models. These rifles look excellent and were just released and you will get it for free!

Remember, Victoria Miniatures is a generous, small company that helped us with the Heroes of Armageddon last summer, so let's support companies that have their heart in the right place! And check out Victoria's Golden Demon winners on her website Victoria Lamb


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