Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blog roll problems

We have been happily adding more blogs to our blogroll until a few days ago, when it suddenly became impossible to SAVE after making a change. We tried to delete some, add some but to no avail, the software in blogger doesn't work anymore for making changes to the blogroll. All others work fine...any ideas?

I know we have had many requests from bloggers that want to be added, but at this point nothing works. Please be patient until we resolve it.




  1. I had the same problem with my blogrolls, and ended up having to completely remove/delete the widget, create a new one, and import in all blogs from Google Reader (or your source). Anyway hope it works for ya. Thanks.

  2. I know that blogrolls do not function correctly when over 100 blogs are on the roll. Ron had some similar issues a couple years ago, I would reach out his way.

  3. i'm having the same problem, and seriously need to figure out how to fix it

  4. This problem seems to be propagating throughout the entirety of the blog-o-sphere. No known solution to it thus far. :(

  5. I'm not expert, but I can tell you what I know...

    Each individual Blogger blog roll will max out at 250. After that (meaning you add more than that... which you can do) Blogger will selectively drop some from the roll and not display them. They will still be listed, but if you go through the roll one by one looking for each one, you won't see selected one in there despite being listed. The selected blogs to be "dropped" also rotates too I believe and it will be different ones at different times.

    Importing OMPL files and such will work, but the 250 limit still holds. Of course the larger your OPML file the longer it takes to do and so on. It gets silly when you have 1300 or so... my computer just spins.

    I haven't seen a solution to this pop up either. I have been looking and have found other folks who have had similar problems before but they are on a much smaller scale.

    When I went through my rolls one by one in an attempt to rebuild the blog rolls (keeping to the 250 limit and such) I kept finding blogs that would not load up for some reason in my newly built blog roll. Blogs that were currently working, being updated and legitimate which leads me to believe it's not something we (as Bloggers) are doing on our end. I also tried to rebuild my blog rolls on another clean blog template to rule out the possibility it was something in my blog code that was causing the problem and experience the same issues there as well.

    Hopefully this gets cleared up soon as I pulled mine (as you all know) because I had no more control over the rolls and who was added/removed and such.