Friday, February 17, 2012

Honor Roll #51; a wider picture

Hi, SC Mike here. Lantz had to take a week off and asked me to take care of the Honor Roll for this week. I thought about it for a bit on how to approach it. Lantz does such a nice job and he has a knack for finding stuff that good AND interesting. I figured I will try to do the same, but will throw you all a curveball.
This week the honor roll goes to all the photographers all over the world. Having a journalism degree and being an active photographer, I invite you to the World Press Photo 2011. The first link is a summary of some of the great images of last year, the second link to the complete thing. Please check it all, please take 15 minutes, an hour, and you will be transported into these amazing stories, some good, a lot bad, but important nevertheless.

The Big Picture

All of it from the World Press Organization

Next week Lantz will be around again!


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  1. thank you for sharing this. very moving and beautiful work.