Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hordes of Vormond: short update

I have actually been really productive over the last couple of weeks and I just wanted to share a few updates on my Hordes of Vormond VC Army. 
Here is the finished unit of Dire Wolves

I played around with basing these guys. you can see that some bases overlap eachother:
and some have other objects on the base.

Here's the finished unit of hexwraiths

Lately I have been really inspired to keep plugging away at stuff. It feels good, doing some painting when the family is asleep.



  1. Nice work as usual! Stating on my udead later this year...good inspiration!

  2. Man, the new VC kits are REALLY tempting!

    You've done a spectacular job on the basing. Inspiring stuff (as usual!).