Sunday, February 19, 2012

Santa Cruz Warhammer is moving to Facebook...or not?

Lately I have been contemplating moving Santa Cruz Warhammer to our Facebook page permanently. I have been struggling to keep meaningful content flowing and the lack of interaction on the blogs has been bothering me for a long time.
I have been a relatively new user of facebook and I am not going crazy over it. There are many drawbacks and limitations in using it, but the greatest advantage is the excellent way of back and forth commenting, which is easy for direct. The other advantage which I have been fantasizing about, is that all members of our facebook page could post stuff which I think would be a TREMENDOUS and exciting thing.

I haven't decided yet, but I am kind of leaning to it. Why don't you guys check out our facebook page and become a member? Here's the link

For now we have been using it for local games, but one of our member, another Mike, has been posting great stuff. That got me thinking.

Let me know what YOU think.



  1. Interaction between blogs can always be difficult. Since many of us have a hard enough time keeping up good content.

    For me it's not about lots of content on a blog it is about quality of content.You guys always have quality content.

    I think it would be a shame if you closed down the blog and completely when with Facebook.

    I have recently been toying with the option of enhancing my blogs awareness by starting a FB group and posting links to the posts as I put them up. This way my gaming friends with less time on their hands can get up to date quickly and read the articles that really appeal to them.


  2. Jim: I know but then I have to maintain another platform.
    Another advantage of FB is that it downsizes the images, so no photoshop is needed to size them

  3. Yeah, that is a good point Mike. Either way I will follow you guys where ever you end up.

  4. I would be against losing the blog page. Publishing an article on the blog forces the author to present their thoughts in a clear and well thought out manner. It is not the free-for-all casual content stream generated by facebook. Thus the projects presented get more attention.

    I think facebook would be better used as a way to continue the conversation. Present the project/idea in the blog and then invite people to continue to follow the progress on facebook and to give thier input, or show their own work.

    SC Warhammer produces a lot of content. I don't think anyone would mind if you needed to publish less frequently. Plus if someone posts something cool on facebook you could republish it on the blog with little effort.

    I also might be sentimental because I have been reading this blog for years, and it is how i was able to meet a new group of excellent hobbiests, gamers, and good people. I would not like to see the blog disappear.

  5. I like what Michael proposed personally. I'd most definitely miss the blog if you did a complete transfer, but at the same time, continuing the 'conversation' on the facebook page would be a great utilization of both platforms.

    I'll also chime in on Big Jim's comment in that you guys always put up quality content. while I can understand the challenge of keeping up 2 platforms, as it's the reason I have yet to open a Miniature Tim facebook page, I would miss SCW blog greatly.

    Ultimately, though, we don't get paid for these blogs. They are a labor of love. If we don't enjoy doing them, we won't do them well. Do what you will enjoy doing, Mike, and those of us who enjoy following and reading what you have to say will follow as well.

  6. I'm still all 2008 and stuff with the RSS aggregators.

    I stopped using Facebook when it reported to me the YouTube videos all of the people I wasn't friends in high school with who all friended me on Facebook were watching.

    That and FarmVille.

  7. charles, i know. it is a real problem. But there is a lot in FB you can turn off and having a page, makes it less intrusive

  8. Dont do it, I follow the blog on blogger and point blank refuse to touch facebook.

    I check in daily to see the updates and would miss the blog, especially the barter bucket.


  9. In short: I would not like that, too and I would stop reading the blog (since I stopped using FB).

    Now here are some thoughts:
    Facebook has a really large user base. I've been told, that even some people start thinking, that facebook is the internet.But not everyone likes FB and you may loose some readers.

    FB-articles are used to be short on content. Of course this depends on the people who create the content. But this influences my expectations as user. So the question is, how do users use FB and other media.

    For me facebook all information is messed up. I see status update of my friends alongside with articles. I want to keep this separated.
    When I look into my RSS aggregator, I have more than 30 seconds to catch up the latest stuff. And then I have time for larger blog posts.

    BTW, Facebook is dead. Google+ is bettter *grin*

    I agree, that the comment system at facebook is greater than here. I'm also pretty sure that you will get more short comments and "likes". But there are plugins for blogger to change to comments area.

    I recommend to maintain the blog and facebook. However the facebook stuff could be automated. There are Facebook-apps, which create an entry for each blog post. So the blog remains the primary source of information.
    The additional stuff is just moderating the comments section.

  10. I am but a small slice of the overall SCWH pie, but I'll weigh in.

    I'm a public school teacher, which means I deleted my FB account years ago. I haven't missed it one second.

    I see FB and Blogger serving two purposes and two different audiences, or at least two different frames of mind within the same audience.

    Blogging is a labor of love, I know that firsthand, but if you're not feeling it, don't force it.

    I feel FB, alongside the SCWH blog, is a great way to support the blog itself while reaching a wider audience.

  11. I check the SCW blog often and am thankful for the content that you all post, I say stay on the blog!

  12. I can understand your reasons to move it over, tho I won't be following as I left Facebook behind a while back.

    It'll be sad to lose the awesome updates here tho - one of my fav blogs to read.

  13. I strongly think that If you most move from the blog format to another format (not that I like it) you should consider Google plus, I feel better return of investment plus the hangouts could be a great interaction factor.

    personaly to see you move to Facebook would mean lossing one of the greates sources in the blog-sphere specially becuase you motivated me to do bloging.

    so in short Facebook NO PLEASE.

  14. Oh man, geez, I hope you re-think that! Besides my own selfish motivations of wanting to keep you guys around on my blog-list, Facebook has no quality archive system, and with timeline it's even more jumbled than before!

    If you've got to add another platform, I vote for Google+, it's new, but the video hang-outs are pretty sweet.

  15. I would prefer keeping the blog. But I use Facebook and would certainly follow there if it was picked.

  16. Well that Mike guy sounds pretty cool, but I'd have to agree with Jim & the others, Your blog is quality & has a huge audience. They can always continue the conversation on the FB page & if something pops up there that you like it can be reposted to the blog.

    If the toil of resizing photos for the blog is a pain I'm sure you could recruit a few junior editors from SCW who could do it for you to reduce the workload.

  17. Please don't! I really don't want to have to log into facebook. SCW is part of my normal reading, and I would hate to have to log in to do so.