Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Iron Hands FTW project.

Here are some pics of my take on an Iron Hands marine. Check out FTW to see Rons work on this months Model Masterclass project.

This month Ron chose for us to build up an Iron Hands marine with bionics. Here is my first mock up with the whimpy Necron leg.

Unhappy with the whimpy leg, I dug out an old hacked up version of this model and stole his bionic leg.

I also went online and printed out these shoulder pad images to have on the workbench while greenstuffing the model.
 and here he is in the green before paint

After that black paint with grey highlights, with a few washes of black over the top to knock the contrast down and add some depth to the bionics.

 I also used red for the lenses and base for some color and contrast.

Next month we will be taking on a pre heresy Death Guard Assault Marine. More on that soon.....