Friday, March 23, 2012

SCWH Honor Roll #56

Welcome to the SCWH Honor Roll now brought to you with extra spine tingling fun, direct from the MWC Crew, from over at MWC (duh!) ! Hello, fellow Readers! Lantz has gotten a bit busy in the real world so the rest of the crew will be helping fill his shoes with the most spine tingling links from across the blog-o-sphere that we find each week! We miss you Lantz!
Eye of Error - Mariners Blight Raptors
recalcitrantdaze - Looted Wagons 25 (Squadron 'Complete')
James Wappel Miniatures - Heresy Era Imperial Fist Terminators

MWC Crew: *cough* It seems good ol papa Nurgle has gifted me with a high fever and what appears to be a flue of some sort. As such the picks this week at a bit short, but boy do they all make up for it in quality! next week will be a double dose, so be prepared!

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