Sunday, March 4, 2012

Space Wolves: an update!

Through a couple of trades I was able to get two original Landraiders and one modern one. Having the old vehicles sit on my desk  really inspired me to think about 40K again and also helped me finish my gunner unit for my Defenders of Makkum (about which I will post some other time).

I dismantled  one of the landraiders, very carefully and with lots of respect. The previous owner had them since he was 15, so I certainly wanted to do the age of the model respect. Anyway, my goal is to replace the weapons with magnetized lasguns, up and down, not side by side.

John built one of them a while back...

but I prefer the guns to be really embedded in the frame of the tank, not hanging on the side. So I removed the lascannons from the modern raider including the frame work around it. Then I cut out the original LR door and plan to drop a magnetized and rebuilt lasgun battery in that spot.

I also found a spacewolf icon for a tank and that fit nicely on the left of the tank. Obviously this tank needs a lot of decking out anyway, since this one was in pretty bad shape.

Very excited about all this and yes, in the meantime I am painting up my 6 termie for the 17 model-strong Wolfwing.


By the way, come visit us on facebook, look for santa cruz warhammer and drop us a line so we can add you the group. Lots of people are adding little things that are great fun!



  1. Have to ask. What are your plans for the old lascannons? I'd love to snag them if you're amenable.

  2. Looks like those raiders are getting some serious love after all these years. : )

  3. Did you know that Makkum is a place in the Netherlands? Just a FYI :p

  4. as a matter of fact I do; since I am actually a Dutchman living in Santa Cruz. My dad's side of the family is from Ijlst, but that didn't sound very Empire like; hence Makkum!