Sunday, March 18, 2012

Space Wolves: the Wolf Wing Army list

I finalized my Wolf Wing army list over the last 3 days and, being full of inspiration, modeled the remaining models of my army. It is now completely built, barring one model which is not complete yet (see below).
I invite all of you to check it out and let me know what you think. Remember, I am a modeler first and gamer second, but I still think this is a cool Wolf Wing list.

Here's the army shot with the 4 units and two transports. The total pointcost is 1600, so there is some room to add to get to 1750.  My main inspiration comes from the Space Wolves blog.

Let's start with Squad 1
Logan Grimnar
2x term with thunderhammer and stormshield
1x term with chainfist and storm bolter
1x terminator with cyclone missile launcher, stormbolter and powerfist
total points: 527

(I still need a Cyclone Missile Launcher and will hopefully get one soon)

Squad 2
Arjac Rockfist
2x term with combi melta and powerweapon
1x term with chainfist and assault cannon
1x term with powerfist and stormbolter
total points: 370

Squad 3
1 x term with stormbolter and powerweapon
1 x term with stormbolter and chainfist
1x term with powerfist and cyclone missile launcher
2x term with stormbolter and powerfist
1x term with thunderhammer and lightning claw
total points: 293

Squad 4
1x Lone wolf with lightning claw, stormshield, mark of the wulfen
2x fenrisian wolves (haven't gotten those yet)
total points: 106

Landraider  points: 250
Drop Pod with missile launcher: 55 points

As you can see, I tried to have fun modeling with the terminators. I have been creating bears, moustaches and braids using this tutorial from From the Warp.

I have been modeling my wolves'bears after this guy, our local hero:
here are some guys up close

That's it! Hope you enjoyed it and let me know what you think. And again, make sure to check out The Space Wolves Blog, it's my bible for anything serious about the wolves!

And check us out on Facebook. Search Santa Cruz Warhammer. We love little, impromptu snapshots of everybody's work. We already have readers from Poland and England that throw on some stuff once in a while. Invite yourself!



  1. Fantastic work Mike! Well done!
    I cannot wait to play against them!!

  2. Love the beards and hair, I'm looking at doing something similar with my Blood Wolves.

  3. Lighting claw and mark of the wulfen don't mix well on the lone wolf.

  4. french hammer: i will check it out. any thoughts?

  5. Love the beards...great green stuff work man.

  6. Amazing sculpting on the hair and beards! got any tips for getting that done?
    I have to throw in with frenchhammer, i believe Mark of the Wulfen nulifies whatever weapon you're carrying so i'd go with one or the other. also, i believe your cyclone ML can shoot a stormbolter as well as the twin missiles.
    good luck with this elite force! (and nice old school landraider, by the way.)

  7. thanks for the feedback. yep, i will investigate the mark of the wulfen situation and yes, the cyclone is extra, on top of the storm bolter...

    the green stuff tutorial that I followed is on From the Warp. The link is right above Brian Wilson's image.

    SC Mike